New Year, New Opportunity

2017 new year silhouette against bright sunset or sunrise

A survey by Pollfish revealed that 1 in 3 Americans believed 2016 to be a bad year. With all of the protests, life events and so much uncertainty, 2016 left many in despair. For some reason, I really feel like 2017 is going to be a good year. I’m not sure what that means but I am confident of God’s plans through it all. I learned so much in 2016 and I pray that the truth of those lessons will be revealed.

Since it is the beginning of 2017, everyone is talking about their New Year’s resolutions. Around the office everyone is dieting, placing bets on who can lose the most weight and making new work goals to build and foster relationships. All of this is great but as we know, we often start the new year off with great motives but then fall short at the first sign of failure, disappointment, or things not going as planned.

Unfortunately but fortunately this is life. As much as we set and strive towards goals, we will fall short in some areas. But honestly that’s ok. We weren’t created as perfect humans who’d be able to check off everything on our list. We were uniquely created as a flawed individual who can be graced for our occasional stumbles.

I think it is so important to prepare and write your goals down but as you begin to think about what you want to accomplish this year, I want to encourage you to make your heart the main focus this year.

Your true beauty comes when your heart is pure and faithful. As much as it is important to climb the corporate ladder, graduate from school, it is also important to ensure that your heart is focused on the things that matter. I believe when your heart is right, the favor of God will begin to flow through you.

Let’s begin this year by setting a goal to get to know your Heavenly Father more. Commit to spending time with him every day and studying his word. Allow him to speak the truth to you through his word.

Next, fast & pray. This is critical in your spiritual walk to devote a specific period of time towards sacrifice. Your fast can be whatever your heart desires just make sure it’s a true sacrifice. If you love reality television, commit to turning the tv off and giving that time to God in prayer. The beginning of the new year is always a great time to do a fast.

Lastly, having an accountability partner is so important. You’re not created to do life alone. I encourage you to have someone to walk beside you during your journey. My prayer has been: Lord, attract me to people who see me the way that you see me. I want people in my life who will really pray and encourage me. People who won’t judge me for my stumbles but are there to lift me up. People who aren’t quick to throw something in my face but choose to love in spite of my falls. I want the same for you.

I pray that God’s blessings pour over you this year. I pray that he will give you visions for your life to chase after but I also pray that you will commit to having a heart fully devoted and after him.


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