For I Know The Plans

Wooden Cross and Defocused Lights

Last weekend was by far one of the hardest weekends I’ve experienced in a long time. Throughout all of the pain and tears, I initially started to worry and fear began to creep it’s uninvited head into my life. As I fought against the anxiety of the unknown and the constant notifications on my phone, I knew that I needed to make a decision.

I could either continue in this hectic mindset or begin to pray and still myself for a moment. I chose the latter and it was the best decision I could make.

At times I would struggle with hearing the voice of God but not this time. He comforted me, loud and clear. He reminded me “For I know the plans.

I’ve read this scripture time and time again but have never been made to trust it as much I had to last weekend (and honestly all this week). With so much uncertainty and questioning “why and how could this happen”, I began to stay comforted by five words within the Bible.

These five words were repeatedly impressed in my mind.

It reminded me that through it all, whether I understood it or not, God is still in control. He is still the author of our lives. I may not understand the details but it’s not for me to know. As someone who is a planner at heart, this is tough, but I was comforted and found peace in not knowing the details.

It was only when my natural mind wandered away from the Word that I became consumed with the details but as long as I declared those five words it was reminder that this is still His plan. He is going to work it all out for the good. And I (surprisingly) found comfort in the midst of a storm. This planner was ok with not figuring it all out. I declared:

It may seem impossible but God’s got it.

It may seem unfair but God has a greater plan

It may seem like a storm but God will provide a rainbow

It may seem tough but through it all He will give us peace

God, I thank you for still being in the midst through the difficult times and providing peace where there has been confusion.

This, my friends, is what faith is all about. Being certain through the uncertainties and letting go of trying to figure it all out.

Where do you turn with things get tough? I pray that you find comfort in God’s Word regardless of the season you’re in. Rest in his promises and trust what He says. He will give you a word that can sustain you regardless of what you’re facing today. He reminds us that:

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope (Jeremiah 29:11).”

It may seem tough now but God doesn’t waste any experience. He is still in control.



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