Lessons from The Walk of Emmaus

Girl walking in a forest.

Have you ever been so focused on the tasks at hand that you lose sight as to why you’re doing it? With all of the chaos in the world, we often get so caught up in the noise that we lose sight of what’s important for the heart. Work and life commitments can tend to drown out our day which makes us lose sight of the very person who should be the center of it all.

This isn’t something new because I was reminded of two followers of Jesus during their walk to Emmaus after His resurrection.

  “That same day two of Jesus’ followers were walking to the village of Emmaus, seven miles from Jerusalem. As they walked along they were talking about everything that had happened. As they talked and discussed these things, Jesus himself suddenly came and began walking with them. But God kept them from recognizing him.”-Luke 24:13-16 (NLT).

I wonder how often Jesus has been right beside us and we haven’t even noticed. We often say that He is omnipresent but in moments of uncertainty, we ask Him why He isn’t there.

I think of the times where I’ve cried out to Jesus and asked Him to seem more present in my life because I couldn’t recognize Him or see Him moving in my situations. But what if He has been there the whole time but yet, I’ve been too focused on the issue and not enough on seeking Him.

The two followers of Jesus were so concerned with all that had happened that when Jesus walked with them, they were still too caught up in the moment to notice.

“By this time they were nearing Emmaus and the end of their journey. Jesus acted as if he were going on, but they begged him, “Stay the night with us since it is getting late.” So he went home with them. As they sat down to eat, he took the bread and blessed it. Then he broke it and gave it to them. Suddenly, their eyes were opened, and they recognized him. And at that moment he disappeared!”– Luke 24:28-31 (NLT).

How sad would it be for Jesus to appear to us and show how He’s been there the entire time but yet we’ve been too occupied with other things?

I’m not sure how the followers felt once they realized it was Jesus. During their entire walk, they were trying to figure out why He was no longer in the tomb. They were too blinded to see that He wasn’t in the tomb because He was right beside them.

It crushes my heart to imagine Jesus walking next to me and I’m too busy to acknowledge Him. How often has this been the case in your life? Maybe you are praying for Him to show up and move in your situation but failing to acknowledge that He’s right here.

My prayer is that we stop wondering where He is and instead acknowledge that He is here and ever-present.

Lord, I want to meet you right where you are even if I don’t feel or hear you next to me, I want to always acknowledge your presence for I know that you are with me.

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