Healthy Living in 2018

Fit people working out in weights room

A couple of months ago, I watched the documentary What the Health, thanks to a friend who decided to wreck my entire life. This documentary was hard to watch yet informative. It made me think a lot about the foods I put into my body.

Am I becoming vegan? Well no.

Although I don’t eat terribly bad, it made me think about making a lifestyle change not just for me but a lifestyle which would include how I chose to raise my unborn children.

Whenever I bless the food, I always include …”let it be a nourishment to our bodies,” which essentially means let it supply us with what’s needed to strengthen us in our health and bodies.

I’ve said this prayer out of habit since I was a child, but if we if really lived with the mindset of strengthening ourselves.

I know we just finished feasting on Thanksgiving and Christmas which is the easiest excuse for us to eat, eat and eat. And honestly I’m not saying not to eat your favorite foods, I am suggesting that we be mindful of the foods that we eat on a daily basis, still treating ourselves to those “like to haves” but making our choices smarter.

As the New Year’s resolutions and goals begin to take shape, I want to recommend that you set a realistic goal to be healthy in 2018. To truly be committed to being mindful of what you eat and grabbing a friend to workout with a couple of times a week. You owe it to yourself to be healthy, strong, and equipped for whatever God is calling you to do.  Whatever it is, you will need the energy and the willpower to do it. Prepare now so that you’re ready when He reveals himself to you.

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