Being In Community with Others

Female friends having fun while having coffee

One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. -Proverbs 18:24

I remember as a teenager, rolling my eyes at my mom (as I walked away of course because I wasn’t crazy) anytime she would tell me “your friends say a lot about you.”

My grandfather would always say “don’t let everyone ride in your car.”

All of these quotes, which relate to who you surround yourself with, were annoying as a child but I can see the fruit of it as an adult.

As my grandmother would say “we all need friends”, which is true. We are not meant to do life alone. Life is hard and we all need someone to walk through it with.

I believe the Lord created each of us to be in community with others.

As much as I tend to recharge alone, I love being in community with friends and family.

I’ve seen the importance of the people in my circle. I have seen the joys of laughing, brainstorming and sometimes even crying together.

However, I have also seen the struggles of wanting more for my friends than they wanted for themselves. I’ve watched friends go down a dangerous path and align themselves with people who meant them no good. I’ve seen the struggles of praying from a distance while yearning for more closeness.

I’ve seen both sides of the spectrum but yet the truth remains the same. The people you align with can either strengthen you or cause you to completely get off track.

Friendships are so vital. The right friends are needed to cover you in various seasons of life.

If you are searching for the right people to be in community with, I want to encourage you to seek the guidance of our Heavenly Father as He knows exactly what you need in this season. Ask Him to guide you and open your heart towards new friendships. I believe He will meet you where you are and provide exactly what you need.

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