My Heart is With You

Open book on wooden table on natural blurred background. Heart book page. Back to school. Copy SpaceFor though I am far away from you, my heart is with you.” – Colossians 2:5 (NLT).

So much joy fills my heart when I read this scripture.

There are some days where I truly feel that the Lord is near and with me. There are moments where I look up and know that it was the Lord speaking through me and who cleared the path for a given situation.

However there are moments (and sometimes seasons) where He seems distant. Prayers go unanswered, it’s as if He isn’t speaking to me at all and I simply just don’t feel His presence.

This sweet verse nestled in Colossians comforts me during those times. I love that regardless of how I may not feel Him near, I, as a child of the King, have His heart with me wherever I go.

My prayer is that in those silent seasons, that you will lean a little more into your Savior; that you always remember that He is with you wherever you go. It doesn’t matter how you may feel, remember the truth of His words which says “My heart is with you.




One thought on “My Heart is With You

  1. I love your post because it spoke on a topic I recently blogged on. I have walked through these seasons of silence. They are never easy to walk through but there is some precious lessons to be learnt during his silence.

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