Music to My Heart

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I have always had a very eclectic taste in music and what I’m listening to really depends on what I need in that moment. Lately, I have truly experienced worship on another level. There’s always a line or two of a song that resonates with exactly what I need at any given time. Sometimes it may simply be a song that I keep on repeat throughout the whole week.

There’s something about the words that provide comfort and sometimes even spark interest to look up scriptures for full context.

I wanted to share some worship songs that I love; these songs set the tone for my meeting place with Jesus.

As we gear up for the holidays, I hope that you find comfort, hope and joy through some of my favorites right now.

  1. Peace be Still. This song speaks to my heart in a special way. I have been so guilty of allowing fear to cripple me from taking the next step and this song provides comfort that even if I’m afraid, God is still with me; therefore I want to have the confidence to know if God tells me to go, I will do just that

2. Worship You Forever. This is my arms stretched wide song. This song is so simple but it is a sweet reminder of reverencing God for who He is.

3. Resurrecting. There’s something about the words “the resurrecting King, is resurrecting me” that gets me every time. This song reminds me of what our Savior endured so that I may live.

4. Holy Spirit. I love this sweet song because it invites the Holy Spirit to meet me where I am.

5. Speak to the Silence. This song was on repeat at the beginning of the year. The words “speak to the silence of my heart” and “I will wait for you,” has truly been my anthem. Although I may still tend to go ahead of God at times, I make a conscious effort to wait on the Lord to speak to me.

6. Yes; The song brings tears to my eyes every time. There’s something about the simplicity of saying yes to God and truly surrendering your plans over to Him. This song is highly encouraged to listen with a box of Kleenex handy

7. Christ is Enough. I heard this song for the first time during baptism at my church and it was as if a revelation hit me that He is indeed enough. It doesn’t matter if He ever does anything else for me; He is simply enough.

8. Spirit Break Out. The lyrics to this song remind me of how our praise and worship you should look like “a sound of heaven touching earth”

9. Gracefully Broken. This song reminds me of the beauty behind our brokenness.

10. Set a Fire; this song makes me want to do a lap across the room or simply fall to my knees. My constant prayer is to desire more of God and less of me

I hope you will enjoy these songs as much as I do. I’d love for you to drop me a note and let me know what song speaks to your heart during worship. It is my prayer that we always keep a song in our hearts to reverence our God.



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