The Start of New Beginnings

Group of people hugging outdoors; sunset2017 had a very difficult start but one thing I quickly learned is I could either dwell in the tough moments or become a student of it. No one is exempt from the storms of life but if you commit to seeing the lesson in the storm; it can change your perspective and set the tone for the remainder of the year.

I’m so thankful that during personal storms, standing in prayer for others and seeing the physical storms this year that I was still able to hear the whispers of hope. Although 2017 wasn’t always great; I was committed to making memories & choosing joy anyways.

I’m grateful to close this year out strong but even more grateful for the start of new beginnings.

Whatever you’re believing for in 2018, my prayer is that you truly commit to the journey and the lessons along the way. There will be good and bad days ahead but if God is our rock and salvation, we will not be shaken (Psalm 62:6).

One thought on “The Start of New Beginnings

  1. Thanking God for 2018. I truly enjoy reading your posts and I’m praying God blessing on you.

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