Wait Expectantly

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Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord

Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly- Psalm 5:3

There’s something special about the morning. The quietness before all of the day’s hustle. The reminder of how we’ve been given another day on earth, another day to choose joy; yet it’s another day to press into God.

I have found that to start my morning with Jesus (and a cup of coffee) sets the tone for the day ahead. It’s my protected time to open my Bible with no distractions and truly tune into whatever the Lord wants to say.

What better way to start your day than with our Heavenly Father. I desire His Holy Spirit to teach me more about His word, I desire to be filled and reminded throughout my day, but friends, I desire to know Him better and to seek Him.

He desires for us to bring our requests to Him and to wait for Him to provide. My biggest mistakes come from going ahead of God and not waiting. No one enjoys the wait; yet when we choose to wait, at just the right time He will bring whatever it is to pass. At just the right time, He will provide.

I love how this Psalm ends with “expectantly”, which means the excitement for what’s to come. Whenever I book a trip, I remain in a place of excitement for the trip ahead. It doesn’t matter if the trip is just around the corner or if I have to wait six months to hop on the plane, I stay excited because I know it is coming. 

Why do we approach our requests to God any differently? The airlines can cancel the route, the weather can completely cancel out the trip; yet I disregard all of that and remain excited because the trip is booked and therefore, I know I’m going.

Is our God not more faithful than anything in this world? Yet, I have been guilty of asking and being unsure if it will come to pass. I believe when we bring our requests to God, we can stay in a place of excitement because God will work out the details for our good. It doesn’t matter when it will happen, we have to remain full of faith that at the right time, it will.

God wants more believers to devote themselves to dwelling in Him and remaining excited about what He can and will do in our lives.

Will you make a decision to stay in a place of faith and expectancy?





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