Being Faithful in Your Singleness

Single woman alone swinging on the beach

For some odd reason, being single has some people feeling as if they have a disease. Everything around you says that you should be in a relationship, yet everything gives a false representation of how that relationship should be.

As much as there’s a desire for companionship, I believe there should be a deeper hunger for a relationship; not with a man but the Man.

Paul reminds us of how being single allows you to be solely devoted to the Lord (1 Corinthians 7:34). It is also a season filled with purpose yet I like to call it a season of preparation.

As much as social media will show relationships on your news feed, it can also give you a false representation of love. People share what they want you to see. You begin to draft these fantasies about love and miss the love that’s available for you every day.

The Lord has given you the gift of singleness in this season and it is your choice in how to accept that gift. This is a precious time to tune in to Him for what you are to learn in this season.  I believe that singleness is a time to get to know our Savior so much more. In getting to know Him, you will learn so much about yourself. God can grant you a desire for something more. He will change and mold you into the woman He created you to be.

It is my prayer for single women to understand how singleness isn’t a mistake, a disease or a punishment but it is a sacred season to know our Father in a way that will only come when our eyes are constantly fixed on Jesus.

He desires for you to know Him and understand His resurrecting power that can equip you for various seasons of life.

Will you commit to being faithful to Him in this season? Not distracted but totally focused on the One who is Love.

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