God with “us”


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Immanuel// God with Us

I sat with the words, God with “us” all night as I wrestled with how to construct my feelings. I, like many of you, have felt the need to monitor my news and social media consumption due to the events and injustices in the world. I found myself being in an emotional rollercoaster going from anger to sadness, yet God allowed these words to give me a sense of comfort.

God with us is not just me, not just you but “us”, a collective group of people. Not specific to one race or gender; but all of us.

When the angel told the virgin Mary, she would give birth to a son and He will be called Immanuel. This was to show how God, in human form, would send His son, Jesus, to be with us. He walked this earth and was amongst a collective group of people – many of which were considered the least of these.  Jesus was with the people and for the people. He didn’t come for just one specific type of person, but for all of us.

In light of the injustices of the world, I have struggled with words. I have struggled some nights to sleep in peace and pray because what is happening in the world has been consistently happening. I have been tired.

Tired of seeing little black boys and girls lose a father. Tired of seeing young, black boys dying.  Tired of living in a world that overlooks me because of the color God gifted me with. Just plain tired.

Yet what I have observed this time around has been the beauty of silence being broken and called out. Some people who have overlooked those of us with black and brown skin, have realized (or surrendered) the sin of their nature and have spoken up to educate and acknowledge what is still happening in our country.

As I watched the diversity of those protesting and saw the diversity of people posting and educating their followers while highlighting black voices, it overwhelmed me. And for once the name Immanuel became more than a Biblical story of Him walking this earth with “us”, it also became a picture of the power of “us”.

The power of us working together to amplify black voices and highlight systematic racism which has crippled our brothers and sisters. It became an understanding of how a collective diverse group can ring louder than the voice of just one.

God with us became truer because God is for all His children and with all of His children. And if we would collectively come together to do what is right and to love all of His creation maybe just maybe then we can confidently have liberty and justice for all.

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