A Call to be the “church”

For the last few months, every day has been unpredictable. As the number of COVID cases increase in areas and new information is shared about the virus, it is a reminder of how different the times are right now.

Jobs have shifted, stores are operating differently, businesses are closing their doors and for many, the church has been unable to physically gather.

Through every closure, they are an increasing amount of needs.

I’ve been thinking about how much people need to feel loved and valued in this season. Whether they live alone or juggling everything with small children in the home; people need to be reminded of how loved they are.

In this season where there is so much that’s unknown, let’s be the church. Not the walls confined to a building but the actions produced from love and empathy. The church is way more than a building; it is a heart posture to love our neighbor.

How can you be the church in this season?

  • Serve: many communities are still in need whether it is helping to provide food for those who have lost their job, making masks for people who may be without or writing letters to front line employees expressing gratitude. Find creative ways to serve the needs of your community in a safe way.
  • Spread the Gospel: there are so many creative ways to make the Gospel known whether it is talking to a friend or loved one; sharing a church service on social media, encouraging people on social media, or sewing a Bible verse on the masks you are giving out. Ask God to reveal who in your world needs to know Him and pray that He softens their heart to be receptive of you to deliver the message.
  • Love your neighbor: with all of the racial injustices heightened and people acknowledging the oppressed, now more than ever there is a great need to show your love  by supporting those who look different than you. What a blessing it is to listen, lament and learn from other people.
  • Pray pray pray:  In Tony Evans Bible Commentary, he said that “prayer is an earthly request for heavenly intervention.” We need to collectively pray for all the decision-makers, health officials, and the people in our world. We need God to heal our land and stop this virus from spreading. We need God to expose and dispose of racism that has been embedded in our country. We need God to move. We need a spiritual awakening.

Oh what a time to be the church.


3 thoughts on “A Call to be the “church”

  1. I clicked on over after reading this article on Crosswalk. Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated all of the truth you expressed. Scripturally sound and so well written. Thank you for this outstanding perspective! May God continue to use you and your writing in the hearts of your readers. Well done.

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